4 tips on using invisalign

Invisalign is a great alternative to not wearing braces. Braces will make you look unsightly due to the wires which run in the middle of your teeth. You will end up being more self-conscious of your teeth than you normally are too. Here are some tips on how you can wear invisalign:

Leave it on for at least 48 hours

You will have to wear yours for at least 48hours. This will keep your teeth in place so that it won’t move. Keep in mind that you will be sore if you wear braces but not with this treatment. The trays will help your teeth settle down. You can take it out when you have to eat or brush. Keep in mind you mustn’t take it out whenever you feel like. You must try to wear them as much as possible just how you would with traditional braces. Try invisalign Mackay which will help you have straight teeth.

Brush and floss as much as possible

You must try your best to brush as much as possible. The trays create moisture sometimes which will allow the bacteria to grow and it will act like a barricade when your saliva and water comes into touch. Make sure that you brush your teeth and floss too at least twice a day.

Clean the trays well

You must try your best to clean the trays completely. You can try cleaning them with soft brush which will get the dirt out. You must rinse the trays well after too. Do your level best to protect the trays as you will plonking it back into your mouth. Always rinse it before you place back in order to avoid decay, bad breath and even disease of the gums too.

Eat healthy foods

You must eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Avoid wine, soda and coffee as it can end up staining your enamel too. You must make sure that you consume drinks which do not have much chemicals and preservatives in them too. Sugary foods can only make the bacteria in your mouth grow. Make sure you always avoid it like the plague! You must make sure that you get invisalign Mackay for help on your dental problems.

You must make sure that you get a good dentist to help you with your dental problems. Always make sure that the dentist is accredited and certified in oral dental health. Thereby visiting your chosen dentist regularly will ensure healthy white teeth and minimal dental problems.