How to Take Care of Your Lawn during the Droughts and Dry Seasons

There are many climatic changes happening today and thanks to all of that, there can be dry and arid times during the year as well as droughts too. Many countries are now no longer strangers to the idea of blistering heat waves as well. During such times, the heat and the dryness in the environment around and the crazy temperatures can have a negative effect on your garden and in particular, the lawn. The good news, however, is that there are ways in which this can be combatted and carefully managed. Here are some of the ways in which your lawn will be able to survive the drought.

Mange the Soil Correctly

The best key to keeping any lawn verdant is to have the soil managed correctly. One of these can be to simulate the drought like conditions so that the lawn can get used to it under carefully controlled circumstances and then become resilient towards it. Depending upon where you live try to get the help of professionals like landscapers Turramurra region to help tell you how this can be done correctly. If the soil is healthy the roots of the grass will have all the optimal conditions needed to grow well and spread its roots well because a healthy and deep root system will be at the core of what sustains your lawn during periods of stressful weather. An improper pH value, thatch and too much compaction can all hurt the lawn which is why you need to develop strategies like aerating, composting, de-thatching and the likes so that it can have the right conditions always.

Manage the Water Correctly

Many people say that lawns are the main way in which water is wasted during the droughts because of the copious amounts of water that go into ensuring that the lawn does not dry out. However the truth is that if you know how to manage water from the start and teach and condition your lawn into managing the water that it receives, you really do not need to give it so much water all the time. Rather than using sprinklers that can waste quite a bit of water, look at getting an automatic irrigation system done that can help the lawn get all the water that it needs in the right areas and amounts. Also it is a good idea to irrigate the lawn like nature would; in burst of deep yet infrequent watering. This will have a lot of resemblance of natural rainfall and will also get the grass to send on their roots deeper so that they need to look for water.

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